We must receive your order on or before December 15th to help insure delivery by Christmas. Orders that contain a firing kit, powder propellant, and/or fuse must be shipped ground through the Post Office. USPS advertises 5 to 7 day shipping times for ground packages within the continental US. The vast majority of packages shipped this way do reach their destination within or before this time frame, however we've occasionally seen delivery take a bit longer for various reasons (weather, high volume etc...). For this reason, we can not 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. When your order ships out from our facility, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Orders placed after December 15th may still be delivered by Christmas, however it is less likely. If you are ordering one of the accessories that must be shipped ground (firing kit, powder propellant, fuse), it may be advantageous to order cannons and accessories separately to allow quicker shipping for the cannon(s), via USPS Priority while shipping the accessories via ground.

If you have any questions please use the contact us page to send us a message

Thank You and Happy Hollidays!