Q: What materials do I need to shoot a mini cannon?

    A: The things that you will need that are not included with the mini cannons themselves are:


  2. 3f Black Powder(or black powder substitute such as Pyrodex or Hodgdon 777) (Black powder substitute is sold separately on our website)
    Do not use "Cannon Grade" black powder our mini cannons (this is for full size cannons only). 4F black powder can be used in our .177 caliber models.

  3. Cannon or Firecracker fuse (1/16th inch or less diameter) (Sold separately on our website)

  4. .177 cal BBs -This is optional. You can fire "blanks" meaning you fire black powder without a projectile, and still makes noise (Sold separately on our website)

Q: Do you ship internationally?

     A: Yes. It is the buyers responsibility to determine if the purchase and shipment is legal to their country. HOWEVER, we can only ship the cannons themselves. Absolutely no powder propellant, fuse, projectiles, or any other accessory can be shipped internationally! Any order placed with prohibited items will be automatically refunded for those items and only the admissible items will be shipped. Shipping internationally is at the buyers risk. MCT is not liable for lost or stolen packages. NO REFUNDS FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AFTER THE ORDER HAS SHIPPED.  

By placing an order to be shipped internationally, the buyer assumes all responsibility, legally and financially, for the transaction

Q: Do you sell fuse by itself?

A: No. Due to ammunition laws in conjunction with shipping regulations, we are required to sell all consumable materials in a kit which is specifically intended for use with only our miniature cannons.


Q: Do you sell black powder (or black powder substitute)?

     A: Yes, we sell black powder substitute on our store website. Black powder substitute is not "real" black powder however it works exactly the same. Black powder substitutes offer a number of advantages over black powder, including reduced sensitivity and increased efficiency as a propellant powder. We offer a 1/2 ounce container of black powder substitute for sale on our store website. 1 ounce is the maximum that can be shipped to avoid expensive hazmat fees. Measuring information is in the instructions that come with your mini cannon.


Q: Can I use smokeless powder?

     A: NO! Modern smokeless powder creates much more pressure than black powder. Our mini cannons are not rated to handle these increased pressures. Use only real black powder or black powder substitute.


Q: Are miniature cannons legal?

    A: Yes, generally, ownership is legal if you live in the USA. However there are a few states that do have restrictions on the purchasing and usage of black powder and muzzle-loaders. The Miniature cannons we sell are generally considered to be "antique replicas" (depends on state laws). Our mini cannons are sold as novelty items. Check your state laws before purchase and/or usage.


Q: Are they loud?

    A: Yes! If loaded with a projectile or heavy wadding, they are comparable to a small caliber pistol in volume. They are generally as loud as a "gun shot". 


Q: How far do they shoot?

    A: This depends on a lot of factors such as powder charge, amount of wadding, wind, type of projectile, etc... however with the standard loading procedure found in the included instructions, our mini cannons will achieve ranges well over 150 feet if done properly. With practice and tweaking of powder to wadding ratios, ranges over 100 yards has been reported on flat ground. 


Q: Are they dangerous?

     A: ANYTHING can be dangerous if used improperly. Please follow the included instructions exactly and always use common sense and good judgment. These cannons are more than powerful enough to puncture skin and clothing. Obviously, not every situation can be represented here, however be aware that the projectiles are more than likely to ricochet off of hard objects and that every rule that applies to shooting real firearms, applies to shooting mini cannons.


Q: What scale are the miniature cannons made to?

    A: Not every part can be scaled perfectly however, as far as the overall dimensions are concerned, the .177 caliber models are about 1:32 scale.


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