The most realistic, fully functional, miniature cannons on the planet!

All of our mini cannons feature precision CNC machined barrels, laser cut wood carriages, and steel hardware. Our mini cannons are favored by collectors all around the world and are considered some of the highest quality models available. 

These miniature cannons are fully functional! That means they can be fired just like a full size cannon, with real gun powder and a cannon ball. The only difference between our models and a real cannon, is that you can fit one of our miniature cannons in the palm of your hand! 

The barrels are machined right here in the USA by our partner AK Machining. This is the same company that manufactures parts for the aeronautics industry(including Boeing and NASA) so you know that our cannon barrels are the best in the industry. The technology used to manufacture the components of our miniature cannons allows us to create highly detailed and precise barrels and wood carriages. Each cannon ships with its own brass ramrod and detailed firing instructions. 

All Mini Cannon Tech cannons are fully operational! Just like a real full sized cannon, pour some black powder down the muzzle, ram a mini cannon ball(BB), light the fuse, and PLUG YOUR EARS!

100% Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA!

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