Our Flagship Model
  • Bronze Barrel
  • .36 Cal
  • 1/10th Scale
  • 14.5 inches long
  • All fittings, tires, trunnion plates, straps, etc. are steel
  • Carriage is all wood with steel hardware and fittings
  • Steel Tires
  • Functional Elevation Screw
  • Uses 3F Black Powder or Substitute
  • Proudly made in the USA


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Wait list: 5 to 7 weeks

     The Mini Cannon Tech 1/10th Scale 1841 6 Pounder is a work of art, history, and engineering, all combined to make one of the worlds most authentic and highest quality miniature cannons ever made. Measuring just over 14 inches long and weighing 2 pounds makes this a fantastic display piece and the perfect size to fire at the range or in your backyard. The CNC machined bronze barrel is bored to fire 36 caliber lead round balls with 15 grains of 3f black powder.


     The barrel is a perfect one tenth scale version of the famous 1841 6 pounder Field Gun. Every angle, filet, chamfer, radius, is exact to the original design. Even the caliber is scaled properly. The full size 6Pdr was bored to fire rounds that were approximately 3.52in in diameter and our miniature version fires .350 sized ammo which is commonly referred to as 36 cal. We use SAE 660 Bronze which has great wear resistance properties and machines beautifully. The trunnions are made from the same material and threaded into the barrel. Every one of these cannons we make has hand fitted trunnions to make sure the barrel pivots smoothly and fits properly in the carriage. The only dimension that is not scaled from the original design is the diameter of the vent (fuse hole) to allow 1.8mm cannon fuse to be used.


     The carriage and all of its hardware is meticulously hand fitted and finished to ensure there are no gaps between parts. All of the steel braces and brackets are custom made from solid blocks of steel including the tires, trunnion plates, lunette, axle straps etc. We do not use the industry standard of sheet metal bending to make these parts. For example the trunnion plates that wrap around the cheeks have varying thicknesses along their length. Bending a piece of sheet metal would cause the thickness to stay the same and no longer look correct or fit properly. Instead, all of our steel parts are machined which allows us to produce exact parts with the proper thicknesses. Even the steel tires on the wheels are machined which means they are a solid continuous ring without any welds.

     All of the attention to detail we put into this model are not just for looks. Every part is made to function just as the full size cannon would. The implement retaining chains and hooks work, the metal sponge bucket actually holds water, the bushings in the wheels prevent wear, the barrel even has the proper amount of rotation. The list goes on, but probably the most important moving part is the elevation screw. One of the most difficult mechanisms to design and scale properly is the elevation screw assembly. Most model cannon builders either leave this out or use some sort of tee nut pressed into the stock with a hex bolt to act as the elevation screw and they almost never align it properly. The placement and angle of the brass housing in the stock is critical to ensure the elevation screw aligns with the breech of the barrel. Also, we custom made steel handles to fit in the elevation screw to match and function exactly like the full size cannon. 

The cannon comes with all the standard implements which includes two sponge/rammers, one worm, one sponge bucket, and one gimlet, all of which are meant to be used when you fire the cannon. You will also receive 5 cannon balls for actual use or decoration. Spare implements are available upon request. If you choose to buy or make your own ammo, the balls must be .350 inches in diameter and made of lead. Fuse must be 1.8 mm in diameter or less.

Additional Specifications:

  • Model: 1/10th Scale 1841 6Pdr Field gun
  • Overall length: 14.5 in
  • Width: 7 in
  • Height: 5.8 in (Wheel Diameter)
  • Weight: 32 oz (2lbs)
  • Caliber: .36
  • Barrel Construction: SAE 660 Bronze
  • Available Carriage Colors: OD Green
  • Uses 3F Black Powder and 1.8mm fuse (or smaller)
  • Made in the USA

Please allow a couple weeks for building. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as it ships. Feel free to call anytime to check on your order. If you want more information or pictures email us at minicannontech@gmail.com or use the contact us page to send us a message.

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